Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I haven't blogged since last year.woh woh.

That is lame.

Salaam Alaik

So, many of my cousins are getting married. One was already married on the first Jan. One was engaged also on the first Jan. One from my Mum's side and another is from my Dad's. And both are girls.  I heard rumours and also true stories about my many other cousins are getting married. From both sides. What? Is it mating wedding season right now?

And I am the only one missing all the nasik minyaks and ayam tomato/sambal/rendang while burying myself deeeeeeeep under piles of books, literally.*sigh*

Riben-riben di kepala tak ada nampaknya.

Talked to Dad just now, about Haziq's first day at school. Nothing seems to be lost yet. So that must be a good news. I miss seeing him off to school, listening to Mum's "CEPATLAH MAKAN ADIK. MAKCIK SYIDAH DAH TUNGGU"

Haziq is in Standard 4.
Haziq is in Tahap 2.
Haziq is a big boy now.

Man, how time flies.

p/s: enros, dah dapat dah kan?