Friday, 7 January 2011

hey sexay lady.

Salaam Alaik

I don't know.. this might the longest conversation I ever had with my Mum and sisters over YM ,rambling on non stop without any particular topic. It's Mummy's birthday anyway.

 yep,she's that young. 
or is the black and white photo a dead give-away?

Happy Birthday Ibu

May joy be with you
May Allah blesses you
May world be good to you
May everyday becomes easier for you

There will never be enough thank yous
There will never be enough words to describe you
As nothing can be compared to you
And what you've done for us too.

All I can say is I love you
And all I can wish for is that
Now I am hugging you
Just to say Happy Birthday Ibu.

Hugs and kisses from me, 
Your little girl always. 

ok now, tears of joy please.