Saturday, 15 January 2011

I am not missing summer but it is cold here.

Salaam Alaik,

The nearer you are to the exam day. The more lazy ass you become.

Forgive me as I am on my break.

Something to ponder though. Why Malaysia keeps on sending students to study English oversea if they are not fully utilizing the chance? You know, by only mingling with their own group of friends namely the Malaysians. After coming back from the countries they were being sent to, at least what we expect is their level of English will be above some par to teach children back home but sometimes, more embarrassing thing happen like when the kids being thought are much more fluent than the teacher. Don't you feel that it is just like a waste of taxpayers' money?

My friend is doing English major in Malaysia herself and I bet her English is much better than some who went to Australia, UK etc. I am not saying all. Some groups of people who rather feel comfortable in their own cocoon.

What I am trying to say is seize the chance you have.It is not everyday you get the chance to study away from home. Away from your comfort zone. Mingle around. Get to know the people. Converse. After all you are the one who is going to teach the future generations.

Well, US will be sending their volunteers to teach us English because apparently, we have shortage of English teachers.

So, I hope I am not offending anyone. I am merely stating my opinion. Heh.

Wish me luck.