Thursday, 6 January 2011

I'm gay and I'm OK

Salaam Alaik


I am hungry again. I did my own calculations on how long I can stay without food. I think weather influences it very much. Mysore is cold. For now, it is every 6 hours and my stomach will rumble for food. It's pathetic I'm telling you. I don't each much really . Trust me. I don't. People saw me like I am eating too much occasionally. Duh... it's an occasion. Of course you need to eat like you never eat before or as the phrase goes eat like a pig , because people will serve nice food at that time. In order for me, to show my appreciation of their hard work in preparing the food, we must eat plenty.

Stupid YM not letting me signing in.

Anyhow, congratulations to my sister. Her result finally came out. You are officially the first EE engineer in Ramalan's family which reminded me I will never be the first doctor in the family. Sheesh. Maybe I should join politics someday. Or be a teacher. Or an ambassador. Or a lawyer. Just to have something like "the first ............... in the family"

 With her boyfriend, the lamb shearing guy. 

 Well,  bravaaaaah to her.. and her graduation will be on this coming July. Sila jangan lupa masukkan nama I dalam bajet ke Ostolia ye bapak yang comel. Kalau tiada aral melintang I mahu ikut bersama. Kalau tak, takpe. Masukkan I dalam list bercuti ke tempat lain. I sanggup tunggu dan congak-congak hari. If you know what I mean. Heeeee~

Internal exam is coming again.

You can't base your life on other people's expectation
                                                                     - Pacik Stevie Wonder.

So I shouldn't study?eh?eh?eh?

Tata all.