Monday, 31 January 2011

Bring them somewhere safe please.

Salaam Alaik

I am very worried sick right now. I want to call Ayu, Huda, Husna, Maryam, Sakinah and all to know how are things going on there but I let it pass thinking that their battery life should be saved for family who really need to know about them real bad . It was a relief hearing from them the other day but things are getting bad to worse from what I read in Facebook and internet. I hate the way the government, handling this situation. Should be there are news in Malaysia talking about the current situation in Egypt. How our student hanging on there? With the electric being cut off and food stock is getting low? What are the plans? Why do you want to wait code red to appear then take action? They are our kids, our friends. Parents are worried about their children. They need to know. Not all have the advantage of calling, surfing the internet like some of us do.  But instead,as I am watching the TV right now THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA FOR GOODNESS SAKE!


All my friends hang in there. Our prayers are always with you.