Monday, 19 January 2009

La La La..Hari-hari kerja..

Salaam Alaik

I woke up very early today with all the excitement to go to work. Seriously, I have never been this excited heading to work really. All those waking up early *though not as early as some people , bathing in the morning thingies did not cheer me up somehow. I ironed my uniform (weird, it sounded like I am a toilet cleaner) eagerly while waiting for Dad to come home. Then, I watched hi5 which was very boring to watch for an almost 19-year-old and hence neglecting to do my breakfast as I believed my parents will buy me some as they always do.

They came home, alright but without any breakfast. Dad said that he wont be going to office today. There will be a meeting in Bangi. Hence, I was not required to come along. Chait. If I knew this, I was probably going to wake up at 11 in the morning. Which is HEAVEN.

Dad with his wrong intuition told Mum, there was no need to buy me breakfast. "He said that you will wake up around noon," said Mum. "It is OK. I will do my own Milo or something,"the Royal Highness cheerfully said. I was dissapointed very much I must say but it all came to me. My fault for waking up almost everyday at 11 in the morning mostly that is if I am not working. What to do? It cannot be helped even though I slept very early the night before.

Oh, I see. I made a vow to wake up early in the morning, didn't I? Well, I renew the vow made and annoucing that it will only be applied on working days only. Saturdays and Sundays will not be included.

I wonder when is The Sims 3 going to come out?

Okie dokie.