Thursday, 15 January 2009

It is heaven to work in an office. Sejuk dan damai.

Salaam Alaik

Amek kau. Two posts in a day. I am getting better. The thing is I am waiting for another task to be done since my boss is very busy with the printer. Takpe takpe. Aku suka sebenarnya sebab dapat curi tulang.

Tapi sekejap, ada kerja menggunting dan menampal.

* * * *

There is something came into my mind just now. It is just that when we blog and I mean for some bloggers, we tend to write mostly what is happening to our lives, what we have been thinking, what we really did, but for some , tend to copy and paste other people ideas. It is Ok if you state your source but to admit it as your own writing is well, very unacceptable. I salute those who can provide infos using their own original words because I am no good in it.

Another thing is that in life, not everyone is going to love you or worship you especially in the blog world since you are going to be judged by what you write. You have to accept the fact that well, you have haters. If you hate to get one, privatise your blog and only let those who love you to read what you have to say. Ngabehkan bogheh yo kalau kau asyik gaduh dengan orang yang kau tak kenal. Lagipun, apa kau dapat? Best if you be an anonymous blogger. So if people hate you or like you, you just would not care about it but since you are one famous person and most people knew you, you will try to defend yourselves and those kind of things. The thing is, those people who keep on commenting negatively on you , does not hurt you either. Macam bila kau kata kau sakit ke aku tulis macam ni. So, why cares and posting one foot long post to counter attack them? It is pointless. Unless you knew them and need to embarass them as they embarass you.

Susah-susah delete je lah komen-komen yang tak best. Kasi tunjuk yang best je kan?

My blog. Why do you care?
Masalahnya, since you published the blog to public, it is up to the puclic to judge you. You want people to know you after all kan? Kalau tak takdelah nuffnang bagai semua. No offence my dear friends and family with nuffnang pasted on their site. Saya sayang kamu. Kalau tak saya tak lawat and hantar komen-komen itu semua serta menaikkan hits untuk points kamu. Hence, what is the fuss all about and being very emo-ish with these anonymous commenters?

Ah well, these are only my thoughts.

Kesimpulannya, tak semua orang suka kita dan kita takkan suka semua orang. kan kan kan?

p/s: Kalau aku dapat hate comments yang mengcarut-carutkan diri aku, maybe aku delete kot. Logik la rasanya sebab siapa suka diri kena carut? Tapi aku tak dapat lagi sebab aku tak faymes.