Monday, 26 January 2009

It is Monday and I accidentally woke up at 12pm. I am not not at my usual Monday Blues.

Salaam Alaik

It is funny, isn't it? When a 50-year-old mother trying to teach a 30-year-old something father on how to start blogging? But Mum is surely cool. She is venturing in this blogworld last year after continuous persuasion from us, sisters. Basically, it is just that we want to know what is going on with her, Dad and our little brother since all of us are very much away from home mostly.

Why I started on blogging also, I do not know till today. Probably to keep things informed to friends and family. Or maybe to keep myself busy. Or maybe it is a fun thing I would like to try. Or maybe I need a space to write both in English and Malay. Mind you, to write in a diary is so bothersome i.e you have to bring them here and there and the need to have a photo printer,glue and scissors to paste any photos. Plus, there is a tendency to write them in the shortest form possible. Maybe, this the place to practise my language skill. Be it in Malay or English or possibly Kannada or Hindi, one fine day.

Mum is constantly on the net. When she is not doing another things, she is facing the computer. It not a bad thing. I mean, how many in a population of mothers that do the chatting, surfing the net and of all, blogging? The probabiltity is very small, I guess. And I did mention she is now 50 years old? Fit to be a grandmama after all.

She is not oblivious to our internet lives as she will somehow find her way to find us. She used to kept herself updated about us through our friendster's accounts but I am not that into friendster anymore. Same goes with my sisters. Well, maybe Akak still is.

I like the fact that we can be anonymous here although I am obviously not, to friends and family. So whatever I said or wrote here, I must bear in mind that I cannot write my thoughts as freely as I could. Well, maybe I can. After all, this is my blog to start with. But you know, you need to be sensitive to those around you when you talk. It applies to blogging as well.

Probably one day, I will register a new account and blog anonymously. It is intriguing, I tell you as you are unknown to others and it is up to you to say whatever you like. Like Piah. Then I will snap pictures here and there an comment about people. LOL

Anyhow, I am wishing all chinese, half-chinese, quarter-chinese, anyone with chinese blood or those who are purely not related to chinese by blood, to have a very auspiciousChinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Jom makan Prosperity Burger. Oh, tak boleh. Kita masih perlu berusaha untuk memboikot.