Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ode to Joy --> ada macam ode ke?

Salaam Alaik

I wonder if things go as smoothly as I hope. I wonder really

but mostly

I hope

I yearn

I pray

and heaven( or do you prefer hell?)

I do anticipate for good things to happen

neither a miracle nor a magical fairy tale as some people think

or as what my favourite genre of reading. nope.

It will be a stated fact then. I am crapping but I like it.

My page looks dull right now dan aku rasa aku perlu mula untuk meletakkan label pada setiap pos untuk menghias page aku.LOL

I think I am going to continue reading my chrestomanci series. I love him. I love Diana Wynne Jones. Magic is never for children only. Dad seems to think that thriller is not good for the health of my mind. Try to read Out by Natsuo Kirino. She is very good in describing how to cut people up into pieces and I put her book under my bed as I was too scared to look at the cover of the book. Normal la tu agaknya bila tengok iklan Puaka Niyang Rapik. Seriously, that story is waaaay merepek but you know, when you have that over imaginative mind, you will tend to freak out even by small things.

Siapa suka orang pandang-pandang dengan pisau kat mata? Siapa? Siapa?

Started my career as Penggosok Baju Termasyhur just now. I should have offered to do this job like ages ago. Kaya kau.dapat duit dari kakak sendiri. Siap boleh tawar-menawar harga dengan senang lagi. Tak, aku bukan kaki cukur. Cukur kaki pun tidak. Orang tua-tua kata kalau cukur kaki,nanti bulu kaki lagi panjang dan akan nampak macam bulu kaki lelaki.

Well Yati, like you don't know I love to membebel. Membebel is a way of expressing yourself and you should practise it too. Aku tahu kau rindu dengar bebelan aku. =D

and Ayu, I still wonder about your story. I laughed a lot and thought of commenting but I saw there were so many comments already, I shut the idea off my mind. I did not know why by the way. Mantopp la kau. Perempuan pun minat.

Dah dah. Nanti esok lambat bangun.

Night, all.