Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hatiku hanya luka. Hati mereka hancur luluh

Salaam Alaik

New Year usually brings us much joy and happiness. But I see it the other way round. We, Muslims have our prayers to you, my dear sisters and brothers of Palestine. We may only watch from afar. We may only boycott those products. We may only post our anger and hate towards Israel through the net, through the papers, through the TV. We may only pray. Pray for your safety, your liberty, your right to live as others do. We may only hope. Hope for one day all of them will be crushed and punished for what they have done. May Allah be with you always!

* I think this is interesting

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I have not been on the net recently as I am indulging myself in tonnes of book actually. Books gave me an escapade to another realm, far far away from the reality. It is a whole new kingdom with characters that only I can imagine how they look like. and it is only me to decide whether they are good looking or not *in which they mostly are .That is why I hate when books are made into movies. My Harry is none other than Daniel Radcliffe. My Edmund of Narnia is none other than Skandar Keynes.

Ini Skandar Kaynes. Kacakkan beliau?

It is not good for my skill of imagining things, you know. Because I do believe that a major principal in reading story books is to imagine.But what the heck, I watched Harry Potter because I kind of have this star-struck for Daniel Radcliffe. Believe me. I pasted his face on my file that I brought everyday to school. Friends knew that I fancied him. Heh. No more me dears. No more. Sometimes I think people go and watch movies or plays because of the actors or actresses. Like Equus. Girls were eager to see the naked Daniel Radcliffe.


Kawan-kawan..maaflah. Saya amat malas untuk melakukan tag-tag anda. Bukan saya ingin melukakan hati kamu, Yati dan juga Aimi. Cuma apabila kemalasan melanda diri, tiada apa dapat menghalangnya. Cuma kamu berdoalah jika mana tahu tergerak hati untuk menjawab dan tergerak tangan untuk menari-nari di atas keyboard menaipnya.

Malam ini pasti penat. Saya harus tidur secukupnya untuk mengumpul kekuatan pada hari esok.