Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I look for no trouble. Maybe it is just me. Alasan.

Salaam Alaik

Somebody is in BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG trouble.

Ayok ayok ayok. Tak tahu.

Then the talk will definitely start again. You know, those parents-y "I told you so" talk. Like,

"Tulah, Ibu Ayah dah cakap. Benda-benda macam ni, yang penting ni, jangan letak merata. Make sure you put in one file and keep it safe. Kan sekarang dah susah."

I heard this one also,

" Dah berapa kali dah Ibu Ayah cakap. Confirm kan flight. Confirmkan!!!!Kan sekarang dah susah."

And I have this clumsiness that I tried and still trying to get rid of very badly that I always hear this,

" Ha, kan dah tumpah/pecah/patah/koyak/you name it. Ibu Ayah dah cakap. Jangan pegang macam tu. Jangan letak kat situ. Jangan Awa.. Jangan. Jangan.." and you know the rest.

It is very hard to admit that they are 100% right. but then again they ARE always right. I wonder do parents have the power to predict the future as sometimes.. er.. most of the times, make a premonition that turns out to be true.

Maybe it is like a syndrome for kids to irk, to annoy their parents without wanting to, actually. Like, it happens naturally in every family. A tendency to make parents very annoyed with their children at times despite the unconditional love because of petty things the kids do that somehow will burden everyone in the family.


Losing your passport?

Forgetting your passport and realised it as you are on your way to the airport?

Your name is not in the flight list?

Left your most needed forms?


Breaking a glass that is in a place whereby the opportunity for error is very high?

Stubbornly buying things when parents said NO? =P

Really, we kids do not hope for all these to happen but it happens. Yes, we can actually prevent them from happening but you know, KIDS.

Haih.. I guess maybe it is in the genes. Since both of my sisters somehow always have something going on when they are going away to some place.

And I hope I will not have that gene of having problems when travelling. and this clumsiness.. Go away, you. Syuh.. syuh..

I hope for no more of myself being clumsy. Because I do not want troubles when cutting up someone's body part in future.

Ampun, minta dijauhkan!


We love you Mum and Dad! and we are very sorry for all the troubles you went through because of us. We never ever meant to .We are silly, clumsy, and stubborn.

Yang, geram Ude tengok anak-anak ni.

Tapi kita mesti senyum, De. Masuk blog ni.

Kan Akak Angah kan?

Oh, don't you guys ever try to deny it. Cucuk pusat tu dalam- dalam kang!