Thursday, 19 February 2009

Service with a laugh.

Pastu nanti kasteme semua takut terus cabut lari. teruja pula letak font ada warna.

Salaam Alaik

Please smile when I smile back to you. It is courtesy even I do not know you and you do not know me. It is an irksome thing to do if you looked back and show your such a boring face to my smiley sunshine face.

Lagipun, senyum kan sedekah. Senyum laki perempuan je tak baik. Kalau laki senyum, mesti gatal-gatal nak senyum balik kan?Kalau perempuan senyum, kenapa tak mahu senyum balik? Salahkah perempuan itu menjadi perempuan? OK dah merepek. Shadap.

If you smiled back, surely I will recommend your goreng pisang to others. And yes, your goreng pisang is marvellous. But if you add a little service with a smile, it will attract more and more and more customers. I am sure you will like it and I like it when people who smile at me, not sarcastically but a pure smile because I think she is very nice to me even though I do not know her as you know, I said it before, it is out of courtesy, is doing well in the business ( i am always confused where to put double s'es . not asses).

Same goes anywhere. Not only applied to Makcik Goreng Pisang only. Those who work to serve the people, be it behind the counters of government offices especially, will it do you any harm if you just smile? Just stretch a little bit of your muscle would be fine. Unless you have a gloomy face like mine, once in one of the many phases in my life. LOL. Not anymore, I think.

But can doctors always put a smile on their face? Please answer me dear sister. I think those who work as paediatrician will have a hard time to smile always because it is a heart wrenching thing to see kids with such conditions, you know what I mean. But then again, who will not smile to little children? Haziq is not included in the category of little kids sometimes. He is one big boy that sometimes or most of the times, annoy me but I love him anyway. Just sekeh here and there is my way of showing some love. Kehkehkeh. Lepas ni, mesti ibu tarbiah untuk menyayangi adik. No offence eh,Amma? ;) I do love Haziq when he is asleep though as he looks very angelic. Tapi tunggulah bila jerawat muncul. Pasti kecomelan itu hilang sama sekali.

The housekeeping PakCik made me sad.

Sheesh. Why do I sound very emo-ish? Maybe it is the "bloody" time which is a bit overdue. Hormones and all.

Ok. I need to get back to work.

and I hate the smell of cigarettes smokes. Merokok pergi luarlah dey!