Friday, 6 February 2009

I feel you sue-sanna..(well,instead of johanna)

Salaam Alaik

Oh hey hey hey..

Certain people can be so over-reacting to things.

You talk badly about me, I sue you. You write things about me, I sue you. You do this, I sue you. You do that, I sue you. You do nothing, I sue you. Whatever you do, I am still going to sue you. Shadap and let me sue you.

Man, people don't even know how your face looks like. Maybe suing will be a profession some day. Maybe it already was. Seeing how easy you can get money by suing people. Well, suing people just because people give you hate comments in your blog will not be a bad idea as a source of income, I think.


A numerologist said that my musical talent is being suppressed due to my willingness to sacrifice and also it is because I am unable to appreciate the talent I have. LOL. Funny to know that. OK. I am so not going to waste this talent anynore. So, I remind you if you somewhat listening to me singing or doing anything related to the musical world, please do not stop me. If not, I am going to sue you for trying to opress my freedom of expressing myself and the talent I have. You think I will win?

Hi. I am Nawa. I am seven years old. I am not angry. Uncle cameraman is bad. He should tell me to smile. Bad bad uncle cameraman.

No. My parents did not abuse me till I looked that way. I looked so.. so.. glum? Well, that was like over a decade ago. Now, I am all smile.

At times.