Sunday, 1 March 2009

Septimus Heap wishes Nawa, Hepi Besdei.

Salaam Alaik

Septimus Heap is my in-thing right now. I think I like him better than Harry because I imagined Sep to be very handsome. Well, he is blonde and never been in a movie before. I said it before that I do not like it when the characters of a book are in movies because their images will be stuck forever as the faces of the actors. Not fun, I tell you.


officially in the record of the government of Malaysia, I am 19.

This year will be my last year of saying my age with -teen at the end of it. Even in Hijri calendar I will never be nineteen anymore. Besides, I am going to be twenty this July because my birthday was on 4 Sha'aban 1410 = 2 Mac 1990 and 4 Sha'aban 1430 = 27 July 2009. I have to do a mental note on this one. Here if you want to check yours.

Dad did that finger thingy to me just now. He snapped his fingers and said, "Bila last Ayah petik jari macam ni? Rasa macam baru je kan?"

I was afraid to admit it but yes, it was not that long ago he did that. It was as if it was just like yesterday.

Reminiscing the old days sometimes caught me up in I don't know, sad, longing to be there again kind of feeling, you know. Seeing the smaller younger you, your friends, your parents, your sisters and brother. Those kind of memories were sweet yet they were so far away and I sincerely hoped to be in them again.


being in the kindergarten back again and quarrel with the boys and got very irritated with my sister for taunting me with some other boy. (Why do I ever hated it as the boy was a cute one but I don't know if he still is. Maybe he got pimples all over his face and not looking any more near cute right now. Who knows?)


having all my siblings together,singing songs inside the car, doing house chores according to the duty roster, arguing who should be doing this and that, watching TV together and commenting on each and everything there is on TV, sleeping together in one room and chat until morning


get the chance to surf the net by paying RM3.50 (if I am not mistakern) per hour to my father (dang, we were cheated by our own father!LOL), having dinner out on birthdays with the entire family, scolded by Mum for quarelling with each other where yelling and occasional cursing took place ( but I still have it because I am still arguing with my 8-year-old brother minus the cursing of course.)


beaten up by my mother with a hanger and getting locked up inside a bathrooom by my father?


So not missing those two but then again they were fond memories to look back.

I sound like an old woman. But then again, everyone will always have once in a life time being a nineteen year old.

And so, I shall enjoy it.

Hey Nawa, have a blast year of being nineteen!

Thank you, all!

This is the smaller me.

Feed me! I am one hungry babyyyyyyyy!!