Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kalau saya ada demo tape sendiri, kamu nak dengar tak?

Salaam Alaik

The PPSMI thing is too much.This side said YES YES YES. The other said NO NO NO.

Why can't they just let the other side say what ever they want? They are just sending a memorandum for god's sake.

So what is this big fuss saying demostrasi is not good and so forth? Depicting citizen of Malaysia as unmannered and uncivilised? Come on lah! How come you could be so shallow by thinking that?

Pergi kelabin malam-malam, campur laki perempuan sangatlah bersopan ye?Minum arak terang-terangan dan tahu itu dilarang agama sangatlah bertamadun ye? Pergi konsert terkinja sana sini itu bersopan dan bertamadun ye?and come! Have more concerts in Malaysia. Inul PCD Bring it on! We are civilized mannered people, aren't we?

Demonstrating is justa part of expressing your thoughts. How wrong could that be? Just because the people are against something and have no medium to express themselves , why not? Since the newspaper is biased to one side, their paper got banned, the TV is too revolting to watch , then the internet you want to have a censorship board bla bla.. Say one word against me, you'll be arrested. Ceh.

I knew some people that was a part of this demo-demo thingy. He/She (I guess I can not say the name because even in the internet we are not safe anymore. Heh ) said that it went peacefully and suddenly, BAM! tear gas all over them. What the heck? What could A. Samad Said an old man do to have that?

You know, it is just the same like Ketuanan Melayu, derhaka pada raja and so on. You talked so much about it and blamed others that you did not realise that you've done it also. Macam kes Terengganu tu lah kan. Tak ada pula orang nak bangkitkan hal ni ek? Mereka pun berdemonstrasi juga tapi dipertahankan? Let alone those who are against the Sultan at that time are the Malays, maybe these people are the one who now trying so hard to protect the Ketuanan Melayu and Hormat pada Raja and so forth. Orang sendiri buat takpe. Orang lain buat tak boleh.

Bangga eh orang yang pegang banner ni. Siap senyum-senyum lagi. Agak-agak kena charge tak?

I am so fed up with Malaysia right now. I am sick of the upperclass people or so they called themselves who never think of the people below them. Just because you have money and title, you think you can do whatever you want. Where do you get your money eh? Hidup macam roda dan roda itu bulat. Maybe you'll be like us or even lower than us. You never know the prayer of those you treated badly, can you? I truly hate this bunch of people. Not just because . I have my other reason too but it is too personal to share.