Sunday, 25 September 2011

Trust not what you see.

I have this near obsession towards Harry Potter and anyone who is dissing on HP, I get slightly irritated with my mind silently having their own conversation like "Wow, your capability of imagining things must be smaller than a bacteria for you not to enjoy this wonderful make-believe world which is highly unlikely to exist hence the escape from the reality we need and who doesn't want a bit of magic going around?" Mind you I am talking mostly about the books. I am quite thankful no one can hear what I think anyway because I can be very mean in my own head. It's quite.. what's the word.. heavenly? thankful? that my mouth does not work synchronously with my brain sometimes. If not it would be disastrous. I am not nice anyway when it comes to being a cynic. And most of the times I realize the mistake that I make only after the disaster strikes or after being reflective at the end of the day.

My bad since I know not every person need to like the same things. Obviously the world  will be very boring to live in. There will be no fan base or anything because everybody loves everything. There will be no profit or loss since everyone is going to the same movies or buying the same books which have the same story line and cover. There will be no pretty merchandises we get to buy. Imagine everyone wearing the same shirt and pants driving the same car eating the same food.

Similar to my disliking of Twilight books, the fans will most probably will try to choke me to death if I start dissing about their most favourite characters. Fans can get really scary sometimes. The same with one HP fan. He's an American yet he talked like a British. He wears different HP shirts everyday. His room is full with HP things. Seriously, how can you have your life being devoted to one character that is fictional at the same time throwing away your own identity?
If you resist reading what you disagree with, how will you ever acquire deeper insights into what you believe?  The things most worth reading are precisely those that challenge our convictions. - Author unknown
True enough. I only finished the first of Twilight series. It does challenge me in so many ways.

Day 4 the day I woke up early although it is Sunday.