Thursday, 29 September 2011


It's hard not to be a racist. Even a snide remark can easily put you into the racist category but come on, I don't think every single person is holy or goody-two-shoes enough not to make jokes or comments about racism...and not everyone is over sensitive about it in which I do admit we do have some people acting like their race is so superior over another. Nothing can be said against them or they will start jumping, ready to attack you the moment you said something demeaning about them even it is pointing to one person only not the whole race. Perasan . We must have been a racist, at some point of our lives knowingly or not.

So no need to be over agitated censoring everything. How to expand our mind, to challenge our convictions, if we avoid all the things that are sensitive to be discussed? Well, freedom of speech is freedom indeed but there are limitations and I am sure we know our limit.

Like my mom said,
"biarkan dia usik seterika panas..kot dah sakit baru tahu" - Ibu saya.