Monday, 26 September 2011


I went inside the Mysore Palace for the first time since I have been here for the last three years. The palace  intrigued me many times before but unfortunately the time did not permit me to visit it. But at last, this Sunday proven to be a very educational weekend for me. The palace was beautiful and magnificent, even I have to admit that. It was so extravagant with the ivory or gold dust in every tapestry, 700kg golden throne, lots of large elephant tusks, silver door, teak wood ceilings, crystal chairs, big " i forgot where it came from but surely not India" chandeliers and weapons made out of  gold, silver, brass, metal..

Honestly with so many gold and colourful history, how can once a rich country becomes like this today?

Anyway, I was sorted into Ravenclaw!! It was such a relief not to be in Hufflepuff never the less. Heheh

Day 5.