Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hari ini dalam sejarah.not.

Salaam Alaik

Harry Potter was boring because it was way too much long. I had to hold from relieving myself due to quite a considerable amount of water being drank and in which resulted me in great distress.

Thus explaining the tears then when Dumbledore was falling from the tower and the scene when everyone was circling around him and I swore, I really do,I saw Dumbledore's chest heaving up and down when Harry put his hands on Old Dumbly's chest. Yeah, well, maybe it is just me.

And then there was my sister who kept complaining about the smell of the person next to her.The breath odour to be precised. Then, she was like dozing off for awhile too which was very funny indeed for I was like poking her and asked whether she was asleep or not.

Oh yeah, the subtitles were funny too. Those by Mr Ti and Mr Wong.

It should be drank --> Ia harus dimabukkan
and a few more. Must not read them or I will laugh and again it will cause harm not too only me but people around me... and possibly the cleaner too. Get what I mean? Sure you do.

We siblings are huge fans of Harry Potter series but mostly of the books not the movies. Sadly, this time around the movie did no justice to Harry Potter himself. Urm..

What am I crapping about?

Tom Felton is very macho-manlah. Dan Radcliffe is short. The twins are cool.

Anyhow, Rowling got her money anyway.

p/s: I finished packing. Excited very much, eh? Yeah right.