Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Uwah..dah julai dah!! cepatlah 10hb.

Salaam Alaik

Amidst the hype of fighting against the virus H1N1, Malaysia is also currently fighting against the spread of dengue fever. Being a good citizen, I am including myself in this fight. Fightoooo-OH!

Ceh tipu..tipu.

Usually, when I was alone in the house, I tend to ignore the outside world which means anyone ringing the bell will be completely ignored especially those that I do not even know. Siapa kau? will be the instant question popping inside my head when the bell rings. A peek behind the curtain, and No, I do not know you. and pedulilah apa jadi kat luar tuh. A very considerate person eh?

Anyway, I did it when this pakcik with a clipboard rang the bell and apparently, he was quite a persistent man. Taperlah pacik, go go.. go somewhere else. Tralalala.. He gave up finally.

But then my brother came back and scream, Acik..acik.. orang tu nak sembur .. Keluar.. keluar!.

Ceh adik, masuklah. Kita buat tak nampak. *walhal bunyi mesin sembur sangatlah kuat. And he ignored me, joined his group of friends and in bliss when he saw the house was covered with white thick smoke. Yep, I gave up and let they do whatever they want. Semburlah banyak mana korang nak. Semburlah.

Nasib baik Bibik Rom datang esok. Takyah fikir nak mop lantai. Miahahahahahaha...

To all mosquitoes in the house, DIE!! DIE!! DIE!!

p/s: Pergh.. adik tengok drama melayu dengan skrip yang berbunyi, "Tidak Karim. Saya sudah tidak sayang pada awak lagi." Pergh...

p/p/s: I got my copy of The Sims 3 today. You just made my day.