Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Of Ramzan n Raya


Pick any . It's the same.

This was my first year spending my entire month of fasting with my family after 5 years abroad. My sisters are all married now. So with them juggling their time with their own family and in laws, this holy month of Ramadhan was a bit different. Plus, my brother is attending a boarding school. So I can safely say,  I spent almost the whole month with my parents alone. It was different but not in a bad way. I do miss the days when we were small. And the whole family was there. Now I am pretty much the "anak emas" at home. So can't complain. Hahah. 

To compensate, we have extra three members(2 brother in laws and a nephew) in the family, making our family larger and more merrier. I love that though. 

I used to wonder why the heck people make a big deal of their own nephew and nieces. Like shut up already. They are not your children and not remotely cute anyway (this is my inner monologue on certain people so it can be pretty vicious at times but not always). And now, I am the doting makcik. Whatever this boy does is cute. Maybe I am biased. I am pretty sure I am biased but whatever, my nephew is cute. 

and my sister is becoming a real makcik already. I hope she realizes this if she is reading. bye