Thursday, 20 August 2015

If only.

I think it is tough to move on from the comfortable phase that I am in now. It is tough to know that I need to face something serious sooner or later. It is tough to prepare oneself for the unseen future. Am I going to be good or am I going to mess it up, big time?

Doing some deep thinking about the future and it is scary.

Sekarang selesa takmo keje. Lol tapi kena fikir untuk hidup masa hadapan, so harus bekerja.

Unlike some of my friends busting their ass working, while on holiday now, I am enjoying my life at home, sometimes taking care of my nephew, spending time with my family, going out with my mum, lecturing my little brother, listening to dad's stories, "paw"-ing my sisters .. of which I enjoy doing tremendously because I have missed 5 years of being with them. I bugged my sisters to come home every week because I miss yew gais. (lol matilah perasan kalau baca)

I am just so content now. If only life is so easy.