Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hi I am home


again, I am home.

Dah sebulan balik tapi bizi jadi anak kesayangan.LOL

It is definitely a bliss to be at home. Going back home this time around was definitely a long and arduous journey for me. The process to for that time being la.. you don't know man.i just want to get out from that place during that time because I think I had spent enough time away from home. anyway where was i? oh yeah, to dissociate myself from india. Not because being ungrateful or whatnot but you know, for the above mentioned reason. It was such a headache to deal with college. So many things to be done. They needed this and that. Go Xerox this and that. Go pay this and that.  Just go show your face to principal. Go sign this. That already set me back few days. Lesson learnt, in case any of you who is currently in India and about to graduate, Don't.. I repeat, DON'T go for a holiday UNLESS you have finished everything related with college. I made a huge boo-boo there. So when my friends were all ready to go home, I was left alone sobbing, out of loneliness..LOL NO.. since i have other friends to entertain me and I was running around back and forth to college and hotel ( we finished dealing with our rented home earlier and i didn't want to be alone in that house, badgered by my overly attached neighbour), I barely had time to do the crying part. That will come later.

Then I made a huge mistake again, not checking my residential permit which unfortunately expired 6 days prior to my original departure date. I checked it on the way to the airport and merrily went my way thinking Nothing could go wrong. WRONG! Everything can go wrong when you are travelling abroad. Yeah I didn't get checked in because the immigration was not letting me. I had to travel back to maiso and get a bloody stamp releasing me from India.( to know whether I have any criminal records back in maiso. so if i have a record in between prolly ok haha) No assistance offered to me, a lone female Malaysian traveller, in terms of what my plans were (by an airline owned by a Malaysian company ..obviously not MH) besides talking to the immigration officials after I plead them multiple times to please go talk to them since I knew this was not the first time people forget to check their expired RPs, hell, my friend didn't ever bring her visa could still pass through immigration. The anguish is still fresh here but yeah it was my fault anyway.

I shed too many tears that week. Mentally tiring month I think because after that there were a couple of glitches with my college again.

But anyway, the best thing that came out, out of all these things, was I went back home FOR GOOD with the two people I love the most, me mum and me dad. So sayang them. They came the next day after my supposed departure date. I guess I did worry them by crying buckets on the phone. I am not a huge fan of crying in public okay but that day all hell broke loose. My face is batu one mostly. A friend told me maybe because I was so near yet so far from home.So that  hit hard you know.

Oh and my interview will be on this Thursday. Do pray it will run smoothly for me.

So yeah.

and, Happy Mother's Day, Mummy. and Happy Birthday, Daddy. Both of you are the best parents anyone could ever wish for.

Much love.