Sunday, 9 October 2011


owhhh I skipped a day..

I don't know why I love old currently I am listening to my newly downloaded Absolute Golden Oldies. My sisters never quite understand my taste of music somehow. Even I don't know. I don't like loud banging music on my ears but I can stand them once in a while. I love musicals very much too. Blame it on my parents since they introduced it to us since we were small. Back when there was no large TV to watch, my Dad used to bring a projector back home and we will watch The Sound of Music together on the big screen.. or wall. I used to be in charge of handling the projector since the rest of the family is too lazy.

Dad even made us (even my mom) watch The Ten Commandments together for the sake of comparing religion. This was the 1965 film, mind you and do you know how freaking long that movie was? They still have that intermission kinda thing in between the film.

Aih, I missed home.