Thursday, 30 September 2010

Life is short alright.

Salaam Alaik

Sometimes when I read of how people really stand to what they really believe in, I feel like I am an ignorant who lives in her world caring less for other people. I want to be that person who cares, and stood tall of my opinion, of my faith but I feel that I just failed. I think my life is too important for all those things. I think what I eat today matters more to me. I think too much of my own comfort than those who are more unfortunate than I am.

I feel really selfish at times when I see friends that give their amount of time and hard work for their passion, be it in the work,study or religion wise as I toss the thought away and thinking I have a better life than doing all those stuff. Caring more of what I am feeling,wearing, eating makes me  feel like a loser at times. Seriously.

My time is short. Why do I feel this world is much more important than the other one?

What should I do now?