Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Note to self.note to self.note to self.

Salaam Alaik to say this eh? I am having a major embarrassment right now. For the past 2 hours actually. So you guys knew about my plan going back this Raya right? And I have been telling EVERYONE I am going back like 2-3 days before Raya.. But my friend came up with a plan of going back earlier like 3 days before the supposed date due to "the availability of going back early" if you know what I mean, and I immediately agree with the idea, so to speak.

So, I called up Dad that evening and telling him about my plan and all, asking his permission to go back early because HE is the one,after all going to pay all the extra expenses for the change of flight.. and Dad said OK but let's make this a surprise to Mum. I am, of course simply excited and delighted of the thought. So I agreed and did everything need to be done for the date change.

BUT here comes the blunder.

Dad was asking me to mail the itinerary to him. I did that almost immediately I confirmed my seat but the problem was I didn't send it to Dad's mail directly but instead I sent it to a Yahoogroup whereby me,my sisters, my Dad and my Mum and not to forget, the pakciks and makciks of my neighbourhood are the members. So my itinerary with the statement of I am going back this Saturday with the "mwahs" intending to be for my father was sent to the group. Omaigod. The embarrassment! I feel like burying my head under the sand right now. =(

and yeah, it is no longer a surprise for Mum. I kept the secret only for a day it seems. *sigh*

indeed indeed.

Jadi Ayah, tahun ni tak payah raya BSS.. Jom raya Damansara!