Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Mood melankolik dan mengantuk sikit2

Salaam Alaik

So I thought about writing something but nothing came out right the way I wanted it to be. Trust me there are lots to be talking about once you stepped your foot here but to tell them the rightful way seems hard on me. I don't know why. Life is the usual, not pretty hectic for the first week of schooling. I have not open a single book yet to read. I guess I am still caught up in the holiday mood. Well, from what I heard this term is going to be one joyful relaxing term. So I am cherishing it as  long as I can.

Nohara went missing. It was a bit depressing. tapi nak buat macam mana..takde rezeki. Kalau jumpa balik, pasti riang gembira. Dah cuba dah Aten punya doa hilang barang tapi dah omos seminggu pun tak nampak kelibat Nohara. What to do.. what to do..

OT was a bit depressing too. I hope I will find the solution once I am back in Malaysia. The hospital is beyond words. I cannot describe it to you as you have to see it for yourself. Later lah, when I have the guts to snap the pictures and all, I'll try to do so and show you guys how does it looks like.. I saw rectal examination too today. It was not fun seeing one poking the other's butt when you are fasting. Poor people. In pain and embarrassment but again, what can you do.. it's a charity and a teaching hospital.. That is the price to pay.

Anyway, toodles all. May we have a blessed Ramadhan~