Monday, 9 August 2010

Hari pertama ke sekolah.. Bolehlah..

Salaam Alaik

Like a kid's first day at school, mine was pretty much the same i.e the anticipation, the butterfly (sikit-sikitlah). But I cannot help myself from dozing off few minutes before my posting ended. My roll number has changed from 78 to 51. That's a long way,isn't it? Second year is different than the previous because starting this year, we are being posted to the hospital. My first posting is Surgery. So these 2 months I will be going to the OT and the surgical ward. I just had my first glimpse of the ward earlier this morning. Yeah, it was not a pretty sight. Or the smell either. But this week we will just be doing only classes in the morning. I just had my measurement done for the scrubs and that require them 2 weeks to finish it off.

Being out here made my head aches terribly. Even as I wrote this, my head is still throbbing endlessly. Maybe I will go to sleep early today. I personally think Mysore has a nice weather but not a very nice surrounding. You know, the honking, the smoke and all are what made my head aches non-stop for today. Even the first day, the auto drivers still want to mess with us. I will adapt somehow I know. Hey, I survived for a year here. Despite having to share one small washing machine and a one-door fridge for the 18 of us, I must say we've been doing pretty darn good.

Anyhow, Ramadhan is coming. I hope mine will be better than the last. Ameen.

p/s: I miss everyone back home. Do you miss me? hee