Sunday, 9 August 2009

The a bit rajin post.

Salaam Alaik

The back of my hand hurts so much right now. Siapa suruh nak tadah air suam guna air panas pastu gatal-gatal letak tangan bawah paip tu kan. Anyway, today is another exciting day for the nine of us. Despite another two being hospitalised due to H1N1 scare, the remaining six still continue their adventurous journey exploring the wonderful city of Mysore. Muahah.

Don't you guys worry, the two of them had been confirmed negative for H1N1. Den da koba da. It is normal I think to catch a flu or cough when you come to a new place especially when the new place is actually India.

Our main transport will be the three wheeler. We called it auto and having such loud friends and I am totally grateful to have them, is a good thing because you need to be loud and aggresive to get a good price. It is also a plus when you have a Tamil speaking friend. The locals most of the times understand Vaish and cannot mess around with us. They even charged lower when Vaish is in the same auto with you as they taught Vaish is a local. It is very fun being on an auto. You do not have to go to the theme park or anything to seek adventures. Riding on one is enough. And yeah, if somehow another year later, if I get the chance to be back home and meet you people, do not complain if I ask you to repeat the question louder.

We tried the bus too today. And dang, it was fun too despite the bumpy ride. Sometimes, it is hard being the odd one out but sometimes it is also good because at the restaurants we were being treated nicely. Haha. I think Pheobe kena ngorat by the waiter. Haha. Good! A free Gobi Manchurian would be nice.

The food anyway is marvellous. Cheap, lazat, and no tax some more. The menu is endless and we usually spend most of our time thinking on what to choose.

I heard my friends in another places have escorts to follow them wherever they wanted to go, but here we come and go as much as we like on our own. We are not staying on campus as we cannot bring non veg food inside the campus. Tapi veg food pun boleh tahan apa. Sedap. Like this Green Leaf food court which caters for vegeterian only. Murah pulak tu. Right now still waiting for the apartment to finish. How long it will take also I do not know. Penat menunggu kat India ni. Pas satu satu. Kerja suka main pas pas plak tu. Do you know that the bank opens at 1030am and closes at 4pm? and they have lunch break from 2pm to 3 pm? and Saturday is a half day? and to get ATM card will require you one week?

Class is OK so far. We have not enter the real one yet. The past two weeks were the induction programme and Insya ALlah tomorrow we will start the class. I am scared because the things that I need to read is like sooooooooo many. Do pray for my success please.

Do you guys see what I see? Huheh.

See the fan. Very unique,no?

Devaraj Urs Road. Ada Levi's kau.

Perempuan kalau naik motor mesti camtu. Ayu gila.

Comel gila.

Hospital ni boleh jadi tempat cerita hantu.

Library ni besar kan? tapi takde orang.

Ni kat JSS Medical Uni. Posisi yang cantik. Haha