Thursday, 10 September 2009

Babu Babu Jual Roti

Salaam Alaik

Been in India for almost two months already and sure it taught me a lot of things. Enough with the negative complaints I have been doing openly off the net and most of us here are sure tired of complaining but hey, how can we stop? It is very hard not to do so. Every single thing is a big issue for us and people surely do love to butt in . Anyhow, let just leave it to that. Friends and family, it is hard for me to contact because the super duper awesome walaweh line is the best in India and what nots is not accepting Malaysian messages and we did not know why and they love to say wait. Haish..

Oklah all. I am too gayat with this internet connection now. Muahaha.. Got other things to do. Ciao.