Tuesday, 7 April 2009

saya tak pernah lupa hari ni.

Sounds like very sentimental, am I not?

Salaam Alaik

Today I will be telling about a friend. A very dear friend of mine. The one that I have not met for almost a year. The one that if she did not come to my college last year, I will probably tell you that I have not seen her for years. I missed her. I am still missing her. I have known her since I was small. Since I was in primary school. I remembered her as at that time she was a tall girl. Used to be tall if compared to me but not anymore I think since I am already venturing into the world of high heels. Heh.

She is a very nice charming girl I always knew. I am sincerely hoping that she will get married here in Malaysia not in Egypt. But but but... if tickets are cheap when I am in India, that will be OK with me.

This girl is a very strong person. She is a role model to her sisters and brothers in which I believe she is doing extremely well in proving herself to be a good one. I know that she is not the kind of person to give up easily as she went through so many things already. I know that this girl cares for others tremendously. She just won't let you down.

One thing about her that I always remember is that she is an excellent cook and how could anyone that knew her ever forget this?. I think it is in the blood. Her mom cooks, her aunties bakes, and she does both. Her Popiah Sambal which I heart verily is simply superb! Oh well, not to forget her generous Kuih Melaka (ala yang bulat-bulat tuh). She puts extra gula melaka for me. I always like that.

You know, I quarelled with her once and only once in my life. And that was not that nasty bad-mouthing each other kind of girly quarrel, you know. We were more like professionals that kept our mouth silent throughout the day although we sat next to each other. Funny to recall that occasion though for I did not know why were quarelling? Plus it lasted for a few days. How can I made it lasts for a few days and surviving without her popiah sambal ,nasi lemak and so on which means I depended on food provided by the canteen? How can I survive for a few days not talking to someone sitting next to me? How can I survive for a few days like that? How can I? Man, we can be hard headed if we wanted to be one,eh?

So, I would like to tell everyone that today marked one of the most important occasions in her life. She is twenty years old. The big two-oh, like people say. Today. On 8 April 2009 Miss Illani Riza celebrates her twentieth birthday far from her family. Far from me but I know that around her, there are people that love and care for her all the same. I just want to wish you, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear. May Allah bless you in every little thing that you do.

And I love you.

Ini Gambar Illani Invisible. See the shadows? Being invisble does not mean your shadow will too. Shadows are stubborn.