Monday, 1 December 2008

I sincerely bid farewell to you

Salaam Alaik

I don't know what to write exactly but I do want to write something. I really really do. You know how I want to spend my holidays? I, myself do not know what to do. Mummy is suggesting me to work, earn some money, buy the things I want (walaupun Ibu tak pernah cakap macam ni, tapi deep down, I know it..haha).. Dad on the other hand,"Marilah bekerja bersama saya, bukan untuk saya". Yet I don't mind. I enjoyed being with him as the speed of internet is very walaweh~laju..

Officially, I have already completed my one and a half years in KTT, finished my A-Level, and ended my BTN course last Friday. I will definitely going to miss my days in KTT. Walaupun KTT tu taklah besar, kecik comel aje. But KTT atau pun yang berada dalam KTT tu, thought me a lot of things. I learnt about ukhuwwah. I learnt about forgiving. I learnt about sometimes things are not the way we think it would be. It is not like I have never encounter all these before and learning about them. But here, I mean , there in KTT, it was in a new different dimension I was living in. Hence, I learnt all these in different perspectives. I love being in KTT though at first when I first stepped into it, KTT was a huge dissapointment. Eventually, as time went by, I valued each and every single thing in KTT (yeah, maybe bukan stalaktit stalagmit,tangga bocor and all but I do love KTT. Weird, I know. tapi tak salahkan kita sayang pada tempat kita menuntut ilmu?)

I'll be missing all zaini.continous pranks.lectures.tangga 4.heh.

I am going to miss my friends dearly,sorely and sangat-sangatly. The friends that stood by me when I was in my emotional turmoil. Waktu sedih yang terlampau. Homesick pun ada jua. Mungkin kelakar sebab rumah sejengkal dari Sepang tu. The friends that accept me for who I am and being influenced by me..bits by bits. Oh, I see no need to tell you guys what were the things that influenced them. Well, maybe one..the burping occasion. I burped quite aloud but only in front of friends and family.They are not used to it before tapi sekarang semua orang sama je. Malahan, lebih hebat! If I was to say there were no misunderstanding between us, that would be a big fat lie. We did argue with each other and the long-face sessions will start.Haha. Berkat dengan kehebatan Allah yang mengurniakan akal bagi manusia untuk mencipta teknologi yang hebat-hebat, yang tak pernah kita fikirkan sebelum ni (chewah!), we reconciled. SMSes and all. It strenghtens the bond. We might not realised it but somehow it happened.

Korang..ampun maaf dipinta kalau ada salah silap .

Now, I am back at home. No more KTT. No more,maybe. Unless I am called to do the Kursus Intensif which I am hoping that I will.

  • Sihatkan diri
  • Banyakkan tidur
  • Berbual-bual dengan sahabat lama
  • Bergiat cergas
  • Gaduh dengan Haziq
  • Bermesra bersama keluarga

  1. Merindui masa di kolej =) Betul kata Ayah.

Papai all~

Papai KTT