Saturday, 14 June 2008

What really happened

I am tired.

With so many exams for these two months, I am officially stating that I am really really tired.

But now I am back home. Lazying around. Since Mommy got a new car already, both of us can go "walk-walk eat air". I passed the chance to go for reunion and meeting my friends. I just want to be home. To sleep on my bed. To eat on Mommy's table. To play with Oga. To provoke Haziq until I, myself get mad. To help Mommy (oh how I wish I am rajin enough). To see Dad off to work and welcome him home. To sit in front of the computer and watch any Asian drama, be it korean japanese or taiwanese. To buy SRK's movies and watch it alone. To eat all those chocolates , nut and dates Dad just bought. There are just so many things I wish to do for this only one week break. Lots and lots of things. But I am lazy to do anything. Haih~

Exam months were tiring, yes that was true but there were lots of things happening around me during that time. Alhamdullilah.. a friend of mine converted into Islam about 2 weeks ago. All of us are so happy to receive a new sister. There were mixes of feelings when she told me and my housemates about it. I felt sad and at the same time very happy too. She is a nice person. A very nice person. Even before she became a Muslim, she knew lots of things about Islam. I was very impressed knowing her knowledge about Islam. I never thought such things could happen to my very own friend. My very own classmate. A day after she say the Syahadah, she decided to start wearing tudung.

I was glad. She came by to my apartment complete with long-sleeves t-shirt, tudung that was pinned at the front covering her front side and socks to cover her feet.She came down to Musolla to perform prayers with us. This was the most joyous occasion I ever had this second semester. I hope many of my friends whether Muslim or non-Muslim are granted with Taufik and Hidayah from The Almighty. Insya Allah. May Allah bless us all, Ameen.

Another amusing story, I think is, two of my college students are getting married soon after they graduated from A-level. Last Friday they graduated. I think they are busy getting permission and settling all those marriage thingies. Since both of them are the only Muslims heading to western country, many of us think that is a brilliant decision.

Plus, they had things going on before deciding to get married. So, we think that is fine.We never saw them hold hands and get close, I mean really close to each other, meeting at night in the darkest place, girl sitting on boy's lap or whatsoever that we can see college couples usually been doing. They are somewhat the bersih suci kind of couple. I think nineteen is too young to get married but I think both of them had their reasons and believe that this is the best for both. Seriously, I am impressed with the decision. Yelah, kahwin bukan boleh buat main. Anyhow, I wish both of you the best and insya allah kekal sampai anak cucu.

Peeps, I got a new bedspread which is RED in colour. No .. I am not trying to be another Kak Red in the making. It is just that the colour is nicey nice. Sesuai dengan jiwa dan naluri keperempuanan ku. Keh keh keh. Oh yeah, Mommy and I went for some windowshopping just now. We looked at the wristwatches. One of the watches has the same exact design as my cheapskate 10ringgit watch. Haha. Kelakar kan?

Okie dokie..

Tata all..

p/s: Angah, have you been to the city centre? I am eager Ok..very eager.