Friday, 20 June 2008

I hate the Siamese virus in YM

I hate people being suddenly angry or emo-ish with me without any particular reason. I felt like slapping their face , shaking them and yelled, "GET REAL FOR GOD SAKE"

yet sadly

I am turning into one.

I got emo with everything, everyone around me... for the time being. I guess it's the PMS kicking in. but still i hate to be one with uncontrolled temper. The whole day my mood swing has not been very good. I simply could not keep my temper. I cursed badly to the computer, luckily there were no one around listening to me cursing all the way with foul words. I could not believe myself for it, later when I am in the reflecting mood. Mulut jahat hari ini. I lost my temper so suddenly to Mum. I am sorry my dear Mummy. I did not know why I raised my voice and answered your questions with a slightly irritated tone. I really am sorry. I yelled at Haziq a couple of times today. I yelled at him because he asked me to do Roti Telur. I am sorry too dear brother. Dad is not around today. He went out apparently. If not, bertambah lagi dosa aku.

I hope my sorry state is only for today. I do not want to turn into an emo person. It will be disastrous.

Maybe I am bored.
Maybe I am a bit off today.
Maybe a screw get loose in my head

which reminds me of Annie's Maybe.

I changed to black. No, I am not mourning.... probably I am with the sorry state in Malaysia, with all those price hikes, with Pak Lah yang kononnya nak turun tapi tak turun-turun, with so many things, I guess.

I hope tomorrow is all sunshine for me. Who knows tomorrow I might change the template into bright yellow sunshine?

oh wait

i feel like cursing again

bodoh punya blogger aku nak letak gambar kau tak bagi apasal ha?

pardon my faulty language.

rumah pangsa is not up to Haziq's standard apparently. An apartment does. No, it seems "apakman" does.