Saturday, 24 May 2008

Our newest member

Salaam peeps.

I want to introduce to you our newest member in the house.

He is very cute and very much adorable. He accompanies mummy when no one is at home. So, I think he is nice. He plays with Haziq too. He does not require much space to live. His cost of food also not that expensive I think.

But this little guy has a very weird habit...or habits I must say?

He, I noticed , loves to sleep..very much. Be it at night or in the middle of the day. He sleeps anywhere he finds it comfortable. He eats with his eyes closed and lying down comfortably. Sungguh buruk perangai, I tell you.

So here, introducing..

>>>>>>>>>>> OGA!!!!

Haziq wants him to be called "Comot" but the whole house prefers the name Oga. Oga is much cuter, canggih and a lot more bergaya than the old fashioned Comot. Kan?

p/s : nanti when I am not that busy I will do the taggies okies?