Saturday, 3 May 2008

It's not too late, isn't it?!

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Angah tagged me....long time ago. Since I am very rajin to look back into her archives , so here it goes.

FOUR things need to be invented :

1- A capsule that pops into a house complete with every furniture, household goods with security alarm system ,in case it attracts the perampoks. This helps when we go for holidays. No need to pay for lodgings and security is guaranteed.

2- A phone that upgrades itself. No need to buy a new one then. It saves lots of money.

3- A closet that makes different dresses and sorts everytime you open it. I bet The Sister No 2 will love this, don't you?

4- Doraemon. All my problems are settled if this little guy (note* Doraemon is a male-robot. Doralin is his case you don't know) is around. I will love him to death and take good care of him. I will not treat him like Nobita does. Muahahaa..

Doreamon. My knight in shining armour.

FOUR things that should have never been invented :

1- Nightclubs

2- Alcohol

3- Cigarettes. It is very annoying when some very inconsiderate smokers smoke whilst I am eating outdoor.

4- Bombs, missiles or any weapons of mass destruction. World Peace*smile and wave* ( I felt like entering a beauty pageant contest. UuUUu..I felt pretty~~ Ngahaha)

THREE things you do not know about me :

1- My likings of Hindustani movies are actually influenced by you. I am going to India to meet Saif Ali Khan and say HI on your behalf, okies?

SRK is old but I like him still.

2- I am getting an iPod soon. very soon. Muahahahaha

3- I read your love letter ONCE. Please don't smack me when you get back home this November.I will not tell anyone the content though I laughed and made faces when reading it. I am truly sorry by the way for trespassing your privacy. It was unintended *song cue : unintended by muse* =D

FIVE snacks I enjoy :

1- Milo pekat. 5- 8 tablespoon of Milo with very small amount of cold or hot water (depends on my mood). My Oh My..yummy-yummylicious. Lots of people do not approve this as they say it is not healthy.

Milo..Milo..I love Milo.

2- Chocs. I've been eating chocolate chips Mummy bought for cakes and cookies.

Chocolate chips are substitutes when I found no chocolates or Milo at all.

3- Sambal yang sedap of any kind.

I am currently over-indulging myself with sambal kentang.

4- Keropok. Since two of my house mates are from Kelantan, keropoks are very easy to get.

Keropok is nice especially the very nipis keropok that sounds krup-krap krup-krap when being munched.

5- Tea. the one without sugar. Heheh.

I do not know since when I like tea.Probably it started when Teh Songket was around or was it when Akak bought Dilmah flavoured tea?.

Why most of the pictures are food? No reason. Those outside the country, you are not jealous, are you? I have no intentions to make you feel so. I just love food. Okeh.. Am done with the taggies. I watched AIM just now for the sake of entertaining myself. I want ManBai to sing Kau Ilhamku. Not Mawi.Not Rahim Maarof. Not Anuar Zain. They spoiled the song. It is funny when they won the awards and said Alhamdulillah. It is just plain weird.

Someone is very agog and eager toying with Photoshop. Congratulations on finding a new hobby. I want to see before and after pictures of yours with pimples. Please do and show it to me, will ya? Then will I only be pleased with your newly-found skill.

I am going back to the college this Monday morning. I am done with hedonistic entertainment at home. Time to get serious and study. As if.

p/s: I want new books. Please get me new books to read!!!