Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Of all the things I need to say?

Assalamualaikum and Good day to all.

I am currently not in the mood for writing but what the heck. I'll write anyway to loosen up myself. Last Monday, There was an English test. Basically I think it was a preparation for this IELTS. We have to finish up two essays in an hour and we can do it in pencil. Yeay!.Fancy that you know. Because back in school we were forbidden to use pencil . But this IELTS yes we can with one condition. Use only 2B or HB pencils.

i changed the pic.

Mechanical pencil is strictly not allowed. Man, it's really hard. Because, when I am writing I tend to push a lil bit harder causing the pencil to be blunt for a short period of time. So, I guess I'll bring the whole box of pencils. Why don't I just use pen, you think?I am not that confident enough with my writing, you think?I guess so. Pen is nice but when it is with me, writing, it will not be nice.There will be "cakar" here and there all over the paper. If not, the whole lot of paper is full with these saya salah tulis thingies.

I haven't been on friendster for a while and thought of deleting it.But then, I am not strong enough to delete it. Alasan. Haha. I love to have a peek on what's going on with others while criticizing or being in awe with them. So, what I did just now was I went through one of my cousins profile to just urm.. have a look. I am in shock, yes I am. My mouth went a full round "O" and my jaws dropped .Sisters do check on our cousins. I am sure after this we'll gossip nicely about err..that person. Mummy, I know you can find this on your own. So, do keep searching. You are the best in Googling. Haha

This is random but I really need to express this. Why the heck must people use "pew, kew, ak, aq " of all available short forms? I hate it. It is just that when I read the "kew, pew" things, I tend to imagine how your lips will distort and form that not-so-nice shape . It looks weird. Just use "ke instead of kew, pe instead of pew".It is much nicer as I have don't have to imagine things. For your info, my degree of imagination is immense .So, please do not use them if you are messaging me, okeh? Thank you.