Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Obviously the Mayans are wrong.

For quite a few years now, I have spent my New Year  in India. Well, I don't really celebrate by going out partying or whatever it is that people do back home. So, I guess it is more or less the same what happen now and then. I really need to write badly just to get something out from my system.

There are so many things to be done once I finish my exam. Well I hope this new year I will no longer procrastinate to do things.

One of the many things I want to do is watching Omar Series in Youtube. I am forever stuck at episode 8. Since it is in Arabic, I cannot like watch it while doing something else. I have to give my full attention so that I can read the subtitles below. Sometimes I do regret of not learning Arabic properly.

Ok one new year goal to do is to learn because I want to learn. Not because of exam. So is attending classes and postings. I guess that is why there are tonnes of reminders telling us to tajdid our niat. To renew our intentions.


Happy New Year everyone. Entering into year number 23. Phew. and I have exam in 7 days. Pray for me!