Monday, 29 August 2011

ok i might be into raya mood a teeny weeny bit

Salaam Alaik

Is it Eid already?

Well, it is only Monday today. If I am in Malaysia, today will be the last day of Ramadhan for this year but I am blessed to be in the land of Maharajahs and will have our Eid a day later. I don't really mind actually. One day is not much big of a deal.

Facebook right now is really annoying. I am preventing myself from loading that page because all that I will ever see is people rejoicing over the fact that they are back in their hometown celebrating with family. I am jealous that is all. So my problem to the solution is not to open it at all for a while. I disabled all the mail notifications too. Over reacting much kan? Hahah. Well actually there is this app for chrome letting you get all the notifications without actually logging into the account which is perfect. It is my choice to stay here instead of going back. And it has been done and I have to bear with it for a couple of days more. After that, the Raya hype will finally go down and life goes back to normal.

It has been a looong time since I was babbling incoherently with no particular topic here. Like ranting or babbling. Dubai post will not be taken into account since it was a post with a direction. I think I am going to clean up my room and toilet today. To get into the festive mood, you know. And prolly blasting off with raya songs while doing the chores. Dendang Perantau is a must of course.

Oh yeah, I made some kuih raya today with my friends and they were awesome.

cilok this from a friend. 
pretty eh?

I miss my family. I wish to be with you guys there. I know it will be very sad without me on Tuesday  *I know you will. no point of denying that sisters. save my duit raya will ya?*  but don't worry, I'll be in the hospital with very much joy looking over some surgeries maybe. 

So that's it. My pointless babbling will stop here.

Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin! and many other cliche wishes I hereby bid to all of you!