Sunday, 8 May 2011

Nak merepek kejap.

Salaam Alaik

So many things to read.


Nak balik ah camni.

Well when it comes to an exam season, there will be obviously tonnes of rantings on how lacking my prep time is, how many things to read, how so many portions yet to be covered, how so many facts to be memorized bla bla bla. That's normal.

and what makes it even more normal is it makes me missing home even MOREEEEEEEE.. but I guess I have to wait until July then.T.T

Mumsey dearie, Happy Mother's Day. I love you. . *bearhug*
Ain Rossa happy birthday girl. I love you too. Hohe. *"beruang"hug*

teringat pesan mimy, kalau malas maknanya ada setan dekat2 tu. so nak lawan setan kita kena jadi rajin. rasanya lah mimy ada cakap camtu. XD