Sunday, 5 October 2008

ada apa dengan nama?

Salaam Alaik

What is in a name, really? This reminds me of Barney's song I used to watch. Hey, I watched Barney, ok? He may not be cute or fluffy or hugable but heck, I like him. One of the kids in Barney's show is cute. I like him too. Heh. Anyhow, the thing about name is .. some people thinks that name is not important. It is just a label that you wear everyday and does not really show the real you. I do not think so. What I think is.. name is a humongous part in your life.

Name is a part of daily prayer. Trust me. When everyday people calling you up, Orang Gila for instance, you are going to be one. So, that is why we need to choose proper nicknames. I do not get it sometimes why people like to shorten up their names or having another names that are totally unlike their original names. Say, her name is Amirah. and her friends called her Tipah. Get what I mean? If we want to choose a nickname, make sure it has a good proper meaning. Well, it is impossible to have a good meaning in every single languange there is in this world but at least a proper one in Arabic for instance.I mean those who are Muslims. Hey, Arabic is the languange of heaven. So, no questions here.

I like my name. Nurnawwar. Glowing light. More or less like that. I am fine people calling me Nawwar or Nawa. Nona is a bit weird. But still it has meaning. It means The Ninth, not in A rabic obviously though.It is in from Old English derived from Latin, it said. Nawa means niat or intention. So I am fine with it. Hence Nawa Baek is born. I knew we never say Baik as in Ba-eek, right? So literally, Nawa Baek means good intention. Combinations of both Malay and Arabic. It is actually a small prayer from anyone dropping by this blog too. Thank you for the du'a though you may not realise you just did pray on my behalf.Heh. I thank you again. Nawabaek is not simply saying that I am good or whatsoever. It is a prayer like what i wrote just now that I want my intentions or my niats to be good.

I have my own media company.

I have my own academy.

See how special Nawa is? Now you know, don't you?

So, parents-to-be. Choose your children name wisely. Do not make it too long till others can find ways to shorten it up till it becomes meaningless. I am going to put my children names short and simple, if I ever have them one day. Insya Allah

Till then~