Monday, 1 September 2008

Just what I need

Salaam Alaik

Great! Just great! Ramadhan is here and I thought I can start Ramadhan nicely.. profoundly . But I can't.. for now. After half day of fasting, suddenly I can't. Who am I to complain? At least I can have my lunch after this. Haih~.Well, my tummy is grumbling and start to berkeroncong after knowing the fact that I can't fast. Sep sep with all my sisters too.

Then this blog thingy, Why oh why u lose all my links and comments. Now I have to do them all over again. It is going to take a lot of my time, now. I hate to do them again. It will take me ages to finish them all!!! Maybe later I will. Dad is fetching me this evening, I hope. Tomorrow, she will be going back to Ukraine after missing the supposed flight last Friday. Really, she is actually happy she missed the flight. The reason? She can actually go to Bazaar Ramadhan though the fact that she can't fast.

I really can't wait for this A-Level to end. It is going to be 8-month-long holiday! Muahaha.. Imagine the free time I am going to have. Nicey nice. I can't wait. Woohoo~

p/s: did I ever mention I have my trial exam this wednesday?