Thursday, 8 February 2018

February two oh one eight

Well this is random.
I used to love to write and tell my thought to anyone willing enough to read silly things that I wrote.
But it has been ages, kan?
So many wonderful things happen in the last what 2 years? or is it 3 years now?

If anyone wants to know or wondering.. I am currently in Tawau, Sabah.
Yeah. Nawwar is in Tawau yo!

Few things that probably one should know also
Nawwar has finally finished her housemanship of 2 years with no period of extension. Lol.
Nawwar also has moved herself to Tawau
Nawwar joined a department she never thought she will join. No It is not obstetrics.
Nawwar has a nephew and a niece now. Later they wont recognise her since she is away most of the time.
Nawwar is missing her family and erm..her husband.
Nawwar is married. Yep
Nawwar also is surprised she got married this early.


Probably the last post for the next few years. Who knows?