Friday, 15 November 2013



I have exam. but who cares anyway?

I read a post of a medical student who is struggling with depression and it affected me quite a lot actually. Not because I suffered the same condition. But let's face it. I am a skeptic. I don't really get it when people say they are depressed to the point of having panic attacks at the smallest thing. Although I find that the field of psychiatry itself is interesting, dealing with the complexity of human mind, I scoffed a lot during psychiatry classes. Not because I am having the tendency of being an evil and insensitive lot but, just because I do not understand how is it possible for some people to have this overwhelming feeling that is not well under their control.

I admit, we as the"general population" just don't understand. How these kind of minds work. We take it very lightly to what a person feels. Just because a large portion of us are able to overcome our stresses, we forget that a minority of us could not. We are different by all means. The flaw that I think most of us have is that we tend to judge and group ourselves into this same set of thinking.

If I am stressed and I feel good by eating, that does not mean my friend sitting next to me feel the same way too by gorging down on food. If I am bothered by my marks that I got in exams, does not mean that my friend next to me is feeling the same way too. Everybody has a way of coping but we forget that not everybody copes well.

I just hope I am being more empathetic to people around me.

I am under a lot of stress but thankfully, not depressed.