Tuesday, 23 April 2013

bye2 paeds.dont understand why people call this dept pedo.sounds wrong.

Rarely a facebook status caught my attention. But one did today. 

This is what it said roughly..

Don't complain too much if I keep on updating my status about the general election. Since it's a thing that comes once in five years. In which it will decide our future. 

I didn't complain about your statuses of food, kpop and football all year round, did I? 

To those people I say, Padaaaan!!

Honestly, I like going to facebook for current updates of what's going on with the world. Reading people's reaction and opinions of what's going on is healthy because you've got to know two sides of opinions usually. I would rather read these things on facebook rather than those aimless statuses of what  people are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have Instagram for that, thank you.

Anyway, Paeds are over. Time for Ortho.*waving sadly to Paeds department*