Friday, 15 March 2013

Chosen without method i.e random.

I was on a shopping spree the other day. Online. Buying what else but books. The thing about India that I am going to miss most will be the dirt cheap books. Buying online is much much easier and cheaper and I will always get some free gifts with the books. Either quirky bookmarks or hideous pens or even weird mug coasters telling people they are sweet like jalebi. Jalebi is this I want to try this, before I leave India for good. I almost tried it once but my Indian friend stopped me saying it will not be good unless it is crispy and looking from that jalebis, we were pretty sure it was not. Gulab Jamun, for me, is a big NO.

If you want to get bookmarks, I suggest buy from flipkart. They have awesome customer service too. There was this one time, I was just hovering unsure of whether to buy this book or not, then a call came. I picked up (usually I don't if it's from an unknown number but when I have the feeling it is important, I will. and usually being anak ramalan, never disappoint.) and this person was asking me whether I have any problem with the website or anything. I was like No i was just trying to make up my mind whether to buy or not. And he was like, ok ma'am. Let me know if any problem comes up.

If you want hedious but none the less functional pens, go to homeshop18. You will get free coasters too. I am still using all the free gifts that I accumulated through time. If you want the cheapest book go here and compare prices but you need to know what title you wanna buy though. No browsing thank you.

Anyway, I shifted to Paediatrics this week. Almost a week has gone, I just have to say, that me and my mates think we have never feel loved like this before. Being in my previous unit, you can just feel the eagerness to slap our faces from the Professor. Plus we are all girls. Almost everyone in the department loath   any human in resemblance of a woman. It's true. We have been discussing this topic in depth like thousands of time. We strongly feel, since they are meeting females almost everyday, it gets boring you know. Hence somehow, the existence of any sex but female provides some comfort and excitement to them. if you wanna know, usually guys are treated better in this department. 

But in paeds, you can just feel the love exuding from everyone in the entire department regardless of the gender. Never heard any scoldings, saw anyone pulling off faces or anything of that sort..yet.. Rounds are cheery occasions. People are smiling and laughing. Even the wards are drab looking and we felt sorry for the children, but the doctors are not. and that is most important.