Monday, 14 March 2011

Yati I hereby named the tedibear as Timah. Happy?

Salaam Alaik

So I just came back from Chennai along with 31 other Malaysians. I believe our butts are kematu-ed enough for the 1day plus journey going to Chennai and coming back to Mysore. I did not know which way the drivers took us. Sleeping was scarce whilst on the bus going to Chennai as my seat was in the last row. When there was a bump on the road, macam terbang-terbanglah manusia di dalam bas tersebut. And on Monday, we went to school "happily".

I am just happy being able to go to Chennai. Got to meet up some friends, eating Malaysian food, expenses all paid not by me like a free holiday like that. Met some prominent Malaysian leaders which was cool actually. I hope there will be more session like this but I cannot help feeling like it was a bit staged .... you know..So yeah.. but we enjoyed it never the less.

Anyhow it was an experience one can never forget. Chennai was freaking hot. Once you stepped outside under the sun, your sweat glands will be active instantaneously.

I am so happy to know that Chong Wei beat Lin Dan! My internet connection was so slow I could not even live-stream. It was so pathetic as I have to see the game on Youtube 24hours later. I hope I can at least watch one match between them LIVE for sure. It was crazy fun seeing Malaysians sorak-sorak together.

My confession today is I was actually excited meeting Samy Vellu.=P