Saturday, 12 July 2008

Risau tak sudah

Bismillah and Salaam Alaik

Dad came home yesterday from Indonesia safe and sound. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for granting my prayers of him coming home safely. It reminded me of the time he was about to be back from his Umrah recently. He was an hour late from the time he was supposed to arrive. I sms-ed him and I got no reply. I called him and yet no one answered me. I called Mom and from the sound of her voice , I knew that she was worried sick. I worried so much that I could not even concentrate in doing my homework. I constantly peeked at my phone, waiting for any calls from home. I called Mom again and we talked and I was trying to console her saying Insya Allah nothing will happen to Dad. Then her voice changed to sunshiney yellow voice. I knew now that Dad was home. Still, it made me restless till I heard Dad's voice. After 10 torturing minutes, I called him again. Only then I could continue my work as usual that night.

What I am trying to say here after so much blabbering is..

Sometimes, we think too much of something. We burden ourselves when nothing really is happening. We are worrying over something that we never knew it will happen or not. Only He knows. We keep on thinking about that thing until we can not do anything else. It will be bothersome as we are not being productive by just thinking of it

The moral of the story is..

Tawakkal is the best option here. It is when we really really do depend on Him alone after all the efforts and du'a put together. It is hard. Doubts will keep on trying to discontinue our belief in Him. But at least we try than keep on doubting.Right?

Well, today is Saturday. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?), we had replacement class for Raya holiday. I envied others who did not have any classes at all. Penat penat penat as my class was from morning till the evening.

I think I am going to have my sleep now. and I hope and pray that Mom Dad Akak and Haziq will come here tomorrow. Tata everyone.